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The Running 2355
Original Train - A group of railroadmen pose next to Southern Pacific Engine 2355 in this undated photo. John Ivan Ingram, father of John Ingram, is third from left. The locomotive has been in Mesa's Pioneer Park for nearly 50 years. Photo courtesy of John Ingram

-Photo Submitted by Crissy Adame-
This is my dad and I on the train in 1974.  (Dan Weatherford and Crissy Weatherford-Adame). 
I have such good memories of visiting the train!!! 


Donated by Andrea Marquard

"This photo was probably taken in 1983 or '84. It's my brother and I. We spent a great deal of our childhood at Pioneer Park, and our favorite part of the park was the train. It's a shame that it has come to this. I used to love starting at one end of the train and climbing underneath it to the other end, pretending that if I didn't hurry the train would rumble to a start and I would be in grave danger. What fond memories I have of not only the train, but the fighter jet that once stood in the park, the lion head drinking fountain, and more!"  ~Andrea



John Ingram's (left) father was the enginner on the train.
HIs father is 3rd from the left in the photo directly above.
John Ingram, Rene Wood, Aroon Ingram

John Ingram, Jared Smith, Aroon Ingram

John Ingram

John Ingram and Max Cox

John Ingram, Linda Abbott, Aroon Ingram





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