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AZ Republic Dec 1 2008
"Fans have shot at keeping historic train"

AZ Republic May 27, 2008
"Big donation may help save Pioneer Park locomotive"

AZ Republic May 23, 2008
"Pioneer Park Train Needs a Miracle. "

AZ Republic April 8, 2007
"Save the Train Gets More Time "

AZ Central Blog Post and Replies April 3, 2007
"Tough talk on Pioneer Park train. " (The replies to the blog are worth the read!)

AZ Republic April 3, 2007
"Little support for pioneer park train. "

AZ Republic Feb 21, 2008
"Save-the-train campaign gets rolling

AZ Republic Feb 9, 2008
"Race is on to save Pioneer Park train. "

AZ Republic Feb 7, 2008
"Meeting to save Pioneer Park train set"

AZ Republic Jan 31, 2008

"Pioneer Park train fans have 2
months to save landmark"

AZ Republic Sept 19, 2007

"Restoring Pioneer Park train
has special meaning"


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